Shining a Light On Sexual Essence:

April 11-12, Phoenix AZ

Feel beyond sexual shame and confusion
Accept and express your true desires
Attract more Life into your love life

“Tantra is not a technique, it is a path – the path of Heart.  Without heart, without emotions, Tantra is just a technique. The heart is what appears to us as the universe. And it is a mature and strong heart that will arouse ultimate ecstasy on this planet”. – Kutira Decosterd, creator of Oceanic Tantra


A central teaching of Tantra is to open and relax into to all of one's experiences. As a tool ("tra") for expansion ("tan"), Tantra uses exercises of breathing, movement and arousal to focus life-force (sexual) energy so that an individual may come into harmony with their own wholeness and all of life.

But for so many of us in the modern world who have endured sexual trauma, or just sheer disinformation regarding sexuality, the prospect of opening our hearts and actually healing is so daunting that we have all but given up.

If you have been wishing for an experiential opportunity to move beyond fears and blockages and rote behaviors, and be supported in a safe and vibrant environment, we invite you to join us for "Radiance". We have specifically created this weekend to go to the core of shining a light on the incorrect impressions, self-judgements, and "shadows" that obscure our sensual human brilliance.

Saturday's program will feature a special healing ritual of facing our emotional and sexual wounds and clearing them.  Using group energy and a unique honoring ceremony, we will deepen into our amazing physical presence, and give and receive sacred healing touch.

Sunday will be chock-full of stimulating and fun exercises to heighten our awareness of the inhibitions and cultural taboos that block us from fully feeling and celebrating our sexual essence. You will learn practices to support yourself (and others) to blossom into the joyful and passionate expression of sexual wholeness. To cap it all off, we will share a Sensual Feast at day’s end to celebrate our newly refreshed body/mind/spirit, and share appreciations with our fellow travelers!
Saturday, April 11, 1-9pm
Sunday, April 12, 1-5pm
Phoenix, AZ

With our forty-plus years of shared tantra practice and teaching, we design our exercises and workshops specifically to energize and harmonize your sexual, heart and spiritual centers. Our teachings draw from classical and neo-Tantra traditions, t'ai chi, massage, Reiki energy healing, music therapy, neuro-linguistics, and other body/mind arts of touch, movement and communication. We blend ancient shamanic knowledge with emerging understanding of relationship psychology to create a powerful learning environment for couples and individuals at all stages of life.
AND...playfulness, laughter and fun are always a mainstay of our events!

As ever, no explicit sexual activity is ever required or suggested in our gatherings. Our careful work with building deep trust amongst all participants maintains a safe and sacred space for all. Each person is supported with respect in finding their own best level of participation.

Reserve your seat now,  registration closes April 5, 2015!
$150/person, $250/couple
For more information and to register: LovingWay | Diana Owens
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Namaste`, and Happy New Now!
Glenn and Diana