Finding Your Sexual Voice (AND Speaking the Truth!)

An Evening of Discovery, Laughter
and Empowerment

"My teacher used to say, 'The voice is the only instrument made by God. All the other instruments are made by man.' " -- Shabda Khan

WHAT: This Sky Dancing Tantra introductory program will help you to use your throat center as your abode of inspiration, the door that opens to a joining of your heart and mind, sex and Spirit, and to deepen intimacy with yourself, your partner and all your relations! As we mutually create a safe and heart-full space, you will be able to discover and explore your authentic, whole-body voice. Using movement, breath, sound, guided visualization, laughter and unique throat-opening exercises, you will be amazed at your ability to speak from your truth and to express the Radiant Energy of Life we call our sexuality!

WHEN: Friday May 2, 2008 7-9:30PM

WHERE: Yoga Shala, 322 W. Gurley, Prescott, AZ

WHO: for couples AND singles

COST: FREE by donation

Facilitator: Diana Owens, LCSW, CST is a certified sex therapist and Sky Dancing Tantra Teacher

To Register or for more information, call Diana at 928-445-7501 or email at or go to