The Loving Way Training, Cycle 1: “OPEN"
Open the Body, Connect To Spirit

Listen to and trust your sensual sexual self
Feel and express your personal power
Open to loving your whole body

The Loving Way Training, Cycle 1, is the course you’ve been waiting for to fully experience the deep spirituality of your sexual energy!

 In this workshop you will practice how to use sexual life-force energy to heal and nurture yourself and all your relationships.  You will learn practices you can take home and expand upon as you grow.  We are all capable of feeling a lot better, and it all starts with feeling better!

* Rediscover and feel how sexual energy is the physical expression of your higher consciousness
* Meet with like-minded others in a safe and supportive and sensual environment
* Explore, expand, and celebrate your deeper sexual-heart connection
* Learn how to create sacred space to increase passion

Saturday 7-9pm, November 8

Sunday 10am-6pm, November 9 

Phoenix, AZ

Early Registration Discount Before 11/1/14:
$125/person, $185/couple

After 11/7/14:
$135/person, $210/couple

For more information and to register:
602-402-7251 (Glenn)   928-710-6661 (Diana)

Diana Owens is a licensed clinical social worker, certified sex therapist,  and relationship coach. She has trained extensively in and taught yoga, and is a certified Sky-Dancing Tantra teacher, as empowered by Margot Anand. Diana has a private psychotherapy practice in Prescott and Phoenix Arizona, and is a Yoga Meets Dance instructor and avid runner. She is a tireless advocate for the human body's ability to transcend all limitations.

Glenn Bourdot is a licensed massage therapist and long-time group facilitator of tantra, and has studied and taught many disciplines and trainings, including Re-Evaluation Counseling, the Mankind Project, nutritional counseling, and all aspects of community and sacred theater. Glenn assisted in the home-birthing and home-schooling of his four young adults, and is also a singer-songwriter-guitarist and proponent of radical longevity .

Diana and Glenn are free life partners,  who support each other to live beyond self-imposed limitations, and move to inspire all people to end the separation between mind and body, spirit and flesh, and one another. They are eternally grateful that this very moment is a manifestation of their Heart's desire.  And yours!

Our workshop will enrich and inspire your sexual life, as well as your overall life.
There is no nudity or explicit sexual activities, and all exercises are voluntary.