Diana Certified As Sky-Dancing Facilitator!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Following a fourth and final week-long training, Diana was one of six teachers to be selected by Margot Anand, her assistants, and those of us participating, as a certified Sky-Dancing instructor! No mean feat. By turns harrowing, ecstatic, sublime, and downright nerve-wracking, Margot kept us all on our toes with surprise requests to teach certain segments without rehearsing, assist her in facilitating fellow students, and generally demonstrate that we had all done our homework. Diana was brilliant, displaying her natural ease with the material (which is vast), as well as her uncanny ability to connect with others on a soul-to-soul level.

As for yours truly, I am now an acknowledged Teacher-in-Training, and thrilled to be a member of this amazing team that is taking shape around Margot in the US. It's an exciting time to be involved in this work of ushering in to being a truly body-based spiritual path, Sky- Dancing Tantra.


"Ecstasy works. Yet for a long time it has been underemployed. The time has come to rediscover it. One moment of ecstasy can transform your life." -- Margot Anand